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A Year Later…

Its been a year since I thought of making an entry to this Blog.  Since then, we have been to the States twice.  Nita has gotten both of her knees replaced and we are about to go back home after nine months in the States.

I now have a Blog at http://www.examiner.com/politics and http://www.cozumelian.blogspot.com/whatthe…  I have developed a following and am on twitter and Facebook.  Lots of stuff.

Knoxville Trip

I arrived in Nashville on my way to Knoxville, TN for the what appears to be a long and arduous month of trying to resolve and disvest ourselves of some of the household goods that we should have received in Cozumel a year ago.
It is nice to be in the States, but I miss home – Cozumel – more and want to retrun as soon as I can.  Anthony, Richard, Francina, and Tina have come to Knoxville conincidently with my arrival here.  A pleasant surprise.  I took some pictures and will post them shortly.
Got a chance to see my brother and sister – Melvin and Juzelle while in Port Bienville, MS.  I also got a look at New Orleans East.  The area is a total disappointment in testimony of what our government can and won’t do and I, again, am impressed by the devastation that a hurricane can bring to such a wide-spread area.  Sorry no pictures… just a bad memory of what I have known and taken for granted for too long.