Carolyn Spruille

On this past Tuesday Carolyn Spruille, her mother, and Shirley visited the island aboard Carnival’s Fantasy.  We had a most enjoyable time!  A tour of the island by car with a stop at one of the souvenir shops were some of the things that we did.
Carolyn and Shirley are classmates of mine from our days at Southern University in the early sixties.  I am very glad to have spent time with them.
Some pictures of our trip are posted on this site.

Rick Savory and Crew…

On November 1st, Rick Savory, an old Navy buddy of mine along with his wife and friends, Roy and Margarite, visited the island aboard Carnival’s Miracle.  It was an extreme pleasure to spend the day with them.
We toured the island and ate some of the local food before going shopping for gifts for their families and friends back in the States.  Rick and his crew got a chance to see our home before the re-modeling is done.  We hope to see them again once the house is all done with the re-modeling!