Knoxville Trip

I arrived in Nashville on my way to Knoxville, TN for the what appears to be a long and arduous month of trying to resolve and disvest ourselves of some of the household goods that we should have received in Cozumel a year ago.
It is nice to be in the States, but I miss home – Cozumel – more and want to retrun as soon as I can.  Anthony, Richard, Francina, and Tina have come to Knoxville conincidently with my arrival here.  A pleasant surprise.  I took some pictures and will post them shortly.
Got a chance to see my brother and sister – Melvin and Juzelle while in Port Bienville, MS.  I also got a look at New Orleans East.  The area is a total disappointment in testimony of what our government can and won’t do and I, again, am impressed by the devastation that a hurricane can bring to such a wide-spread area.  Sorry no pictures… just a bad memory of what I have known and taken for granted for too long.

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